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 The Screen Monkey Story
If you have arrived at this website then you may be wondering what ScreenMonkey is all about. So let me put your mind at rest. However first let me welcome you to the website.

ScreenMonkey is an application that arose out of a problem. The problem was how to provide a seamless multimedia show through the use of the Second Monitor output that is on many modern PCs. If you have ever tried to do this then you will know that it is very difficult to avoid windows appearing somewhere. While dragging a window across and full-screening it would provide a solution it is not very elegant when trying to provide a professional looking show. It was this professional looking show that I was trying to achieve at my local church. We needed to seamlessly switch between PowerPoint, Video and DVD and this just proved impossible. So when faced with a problem and after having no luck searching on the internet Screen Monkey was born.

Screen Monkey is a program that allows you to seamlessly switch between different types of media and directly full screen them to a second monitor. It can work over the top of other programs and provides a control centre for anyone wishing to produce professional looking multimedia shows.

So that is how Screen Monkey came into being and started causing trouble. Please take a look around this website to find out a little more about what Screen Monkey is and if you like it then please try it out.
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