Screen Monkey Standard

Screen Monkey Pro


What do I get for free?

  • Video, DVD and Audio Playback
  • Flash and Power Point Prresenter
  • Image and Song Words Display
  • Live Video Input
  • Web Browser to Screen
  • Ticker Tape
  • Scheduler
  • 4 Video layers and 1 Audio

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Why should I upgrade to Pro?

  • Clone Layers
  • DMX over ArtNet control
  • Pixel Mapping

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 Screen Monkey
This is a free application that has no restrictions or limitations. It is available for download here "as is", so there is no guarantee of support and you use it at your own risk. Every effort has been made to ensure that the program runs without problems. However you must be aware that if problems occur you may be on your own. I will always try to help you and fix bugs but due to limited time and resources this may not be possible.

If you want to start using Screen Monkey then please download and install it to see what it can offer you. There is an extensive embedded help file that should provide you with all the information you need to start using it. If you like the program then please consider the considerable amount of work that has gone into producing it. You may then wish to make a donation that will go towards ensuring updates and ongoing development so that Screen Monkey can become bigger and more powerful.

I hope you enjoy using Screen Monkey and I would love to hear your comments.
 Step 1 - Installing .NET Framework 4.0

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, please skip this step.

Before you can install and run Screen Monkey v1.1 you must have installed the .NET Framework 4.5 which is an additional part of Windows. If you do not have the framework installed then the Screen Monkey software may not function correctly.

You can either install the .NET Framework 4.5 through Windows Update or by downloading it from the Microsoft website. To download and install you can follow the link below to the microsoft download page for the .NET Framework.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

After you install the framework you will be able to run the Screen Monkey installer again.

 Step 2 - Installing K-Lite Codec Pack (Optional)

This is not a required step but it is recomended.

In order to use the DVD and video side of Screen Monkey you will require video codecs installed on your computer. The k-lite codec pack is a free download that allows you to play pretty much all media formats in Screen Monkey.

Download K-Lite Codec Pack

Most problems experienced with Screen Monkey are caused by either not having the correct codec installed or having a malfunctioning codec. In a majority of circumstances, installing the k-lite codec pack will fix these problems.

 Step 3 - Download Screen Monkey V4.1

Download the latest version of Screen Monkey for Windows 10.

Build 21; 3rd May 2020; 40MB
 Step 4 - Installation
Once the download has completed simply run the installer and follow the instructons.

After the program has successfully installed you will need to double click on the Monkey icon to start the application. It should start up and present you with seven squares with the one on the left containing a cross. To get started simply right click on any of the squares except the one with a cross to display menu and start adding clips.

The help file is accessable by right clicking anywhere on the form and selecting "Help" from the popup menu.
 Step 5 - Register and Donate

To receive emails about the latest Screen Monkey releases please register on the website using the register link at the top of this page. It also gives you access to the forums where you can post any questions you might have.

Please also consider donatting towards the continued development of Screen Monkey. Unfortunatley nothing happens for free and so it costs me money to bring you Screen Monkey for free. By donatting you are helping to support this cost.

Make a Donation

I hope you enjoy the software!


 Step 6 - Plugins
Download and install any required plugins which extend the capability of Screen Monkey.

 Other Downloads
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Screen Monkey V4.0Final Release03/05/202033.72 MBDownload
Screen Monkey V3.7Final Release24/08/201229.91 MBDownload
Screen Monkey V3.6Final Release28/07/201124.99 MBDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3.5Final Release26/07/201121.34 MBDownload
Screen Monkey Press PackPress Pack02/12/20103.49 MBDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3.4Install26/07/20114.07 MBDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3.3Install14/01/2010UnknownDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3.2Install09/12/2009UnknownDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3Install26/05/2009UnknownDownload
Screen Monkey Version 3.1Install26/05/2009UnknownDownload
Screen Monkey Version 2Install04/12/2007UnknownDownload
Screen Monkey Graphics PackResources27/06/2006260.45 KBDownload
Screen Monkey Version 1Install17/01/20061.02 MBDownload
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Screen Monkey DMX ProtocolOliver Waits 22/06/2011349.94 KBDownload
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