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 Why should you donate?

I think to start it is important for me to say that Screen Monkey is a free program and so there is no requirement for you to pay anything.

If you are not required to pay anything, why should you? Well we live in a world that runs off money. As much as we try and ignore this fact it still exists. So you have downloaded Screen Monkey and found it to be a good and useful program. You use it on a regular basis and really benefit from all its great features. Well all those great features only exist because of the time and effort I put in to making them so great. By donating money you are recognizing the effort I put in and giving something back in return.

What other reasons might there be for donating money? Well as much as I have tried to keep costs down, bringing Screen Monkey to you on the Internet has incurred some costs. If you donate to the Screen Monkey project then you will help cover the ongoing costs.

How can I help support Screen Monkey in the future? Well by donating money to the Screen Monkey project you will help secure the future of Screen Monkey and allow for ongoing development with the addition of new features.

What benefits do you get from donating? As the software is free there are no benefits to donating other than the assurance that you are helping to support Screen Monkey and securing ongoing software support.

The Screen Monkey project was conceived and created in my spare time. A considerable amount of effort was put in to making it what it is today. I would be grateful that if you like the program to seriously consider making a donation. To make a donation simply fill in the form below and the donation will be made through PayPal which is a secure way of making online transactions.

If you do decide to donate then I would just like to say Thank You!

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