This support topic is dedicated to helping you try and solve problems with displaying clips in Screen Monkey. If you are having problems displaying your media, it is appearing but blank or the size is not correct then this topic may be able to help you.
 Display DPI
If you have your display DPI set to any other setting than 96dpi then Screen Monkey will not be able to show clips correctly. It is actually a bug which will be fixed in future versions but for the moment this is now you resolve this problem.

  • Clip media is not displayed in the correct place on the screen
  • Only the top left corner of the media is appearing
  • Media is not centered correctly
  • Images that should be scaled to fit the screen appear realy small

Your systems display dpi is set to a value that is not compatible with Screen Monkey.

Fix (Windows XP)
  • Right Click on the Desktop and select Properties
  • Select the Settings Tab
  • Select Advanced
  • Select the General Tab
  • Under the DPI Settings select the "Normal size (96dpi)" option.
  • You may be asked to re-start your computer

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